Emmanuela Costaras - Singer/Actress/Entertainer

“I first booked Sam as a fill in bass player in my corporate band and after working with him that one time, he immediately became my go to guy! He is super talented, extremely professional and has a great work ethic. It’s also very clear that Sam has extensive experience in working with many different bands as he knows a bunch of tunes and can play pretty much anything you throw at him. As well as being musically brilliant, he has a great vibe and stage presence which makes working with him an absolute hoot for both the rest of the band and audience. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”

Sam Ludeman - Singer/Actor/Entertainer

"Thanks so much for the night. Russ and I were blown away with your vibe, sound and ability to read the band. I honestly didn’t hear 1 bung note”

Craig Francis - Entertainment Manager and Function band Frontman

“I got onto Sam through a friend for a fill-in one night for a wedding. With only a few days notice Sam learnt a whole mess of new tunes, rocked up bang on setup time and absolutely smashed the gig. His tone, professionalism, stage presence and personal demeanour are top notch and anyone looking for a player for any reason you can think of, Sam is your guy. After that gig he became one of my goto guys and will no doubt become one of yours as soon as you get to work with him"

Ashley Osgood - Guitarist/Entertainer

“Having worked with Sam on a professional level on multiple occasions, he is my number 1 go to for a bassist. He is truly professional, more than capable, wholly reliable and a gun on stage. I can’t recommend Sam highly enough.”



Early Life

Growing up on a dairy farm in regional Victoria, for years Sam dreamt of moving to Melbourne and pursuing his passion for music.

In a small farmhouse with no neighbours, parents who loved music and had an endless collection of vinyl, tapes and later CD's, this was the ultimate backdrop for a young eager musician.


The Move

Within months of turning eighteen and being accepted into Box Hill Institute to study music, Sam loaded up his 70's Holden and made the move to Melbourne.



Having played bass professionally since his teens, Sam has had his entire adult life to build the skills as a musician and is now well respected in the Melbourne entertainment scene.

Having experience performing anything from jazz and musical theatre to rock and pop, Sam can cover many genres on demand.

Original Projects

Other Projects



Fender 1976 Precision Bass - Olympic White

Music Man 1978 Stingray Bass - Natural

Ernie Ball Music Man 1992 Stingray 5 Bass - Natural

Yamaha BBN5A Bass - Amber Burst

Fender 1999 Jazz Bass - Sunburst

Bitza Fretless Jazz Bass - Black


Moog SUB 37

Effects & Equipment

Noble Amplifier Company Tube Preamp/DI

Demeter VTBP-201 Bass Tube Pre-Amp

Origin Effects Cali76-TX - Compressor

Boss CS-2 Compressor Sustainer

Radial Engineering JDI - DI

MXR Bass Octave Deluxe - Octave

Way Huge Pork Loin - Distortion

Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard - Harmonic Generator-Intermodulator

AKG D1000E - Microphone

Warwick Rockboard Pedalboards

Cioks Power Supplies


Galli Roundwound Strings

Dunlop Flatwound Strings

Jim Dunlop Picks

Protec Gig Bags

Warwick Flat Patch Cables

Canare Cables

Neutrik Connectors

Amplifiers & Cabinets

Gallien Krueger 800RB - Head

Acoustic Control Corporation 370 - Head

Acoustic Control Corporation 320 - Head

Rockit Bass 300 - Head

Ampeg SVT610AV (6x10) - Enclosure

Ampeg SVT212AV (2x12) - Enclosure

Acoustic Control Corporation 301 (1x18) - Enclosure

Acoustic Control Corporation 406W (2x15) - Enclosure 

Kosmic Sound KJBL140 (1x15) - Enclosure



If you are after a professional bass player for any type of live performance, Sam has the experience and gear to adapt to any situation.


Sam is available for session/studio work.


With extensive experience in the corporate/covers industry, Sam understands exactly what is needed when it comes to this line of work.


Already have a bass player but need a fill-in? Contact Sam for a stress-free experience.

Short notice gigs are no problem (subject to availability) 


Get in touch with Sam using the details below.


Rates are calculated based on a number of factors. Please get in touch with Sam to discuss rates for your upcoming project.


Sam McAinch - Synth & Electric Bass Player